Money Process

The Borrower, usually working through a Broker, must provide a Project Profile or Executive Summary of the Project for initial review. The profile may be 1 or 2 pages, and consist of details of the Borrower, the property or project, the funding requirements, and the exit strategy. When a prospective Lender is located and interested, the Borrower must provide in detail, the following:

  1. Complete Executive Summary outlining the project and the funding requirements.

  2. A "Source and Use" of funds statement, including cash equity involvement from the Borrower.

  3. A detailed Financial Projection of the Project.

  4. A detailed discussion of the Exit Strategy.

  5. A detailed discussion of the background and experience of the Borrower.

  6. Borrower and Project current Financial Statements and references.

  7. Area maps and market information studies.

  8. Site and building, plans and costs, including color pictures of project if available.

  9. Excerpts from Appraisals, Environmental studies, Engineering reports, Market or Feasibility studies where available.



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